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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Google Play Free Song of the Day 1/31/2017 #free #music #dd

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Tonight We Dine In Hell


The Bloodstrings

About the artist

 The video was shot in Layla’s Kulturkeller in Aachen, a club and space for alternative art, which formerly housed a butcher’s shop. And that is exactly where we wanted to spend our last supper in hell: cool white tiles on the walls, old butcher hooks hanging from the ceiling. The video consists of two parts: the performance part of the band and the last supper that symbolizes the Dine In Hell. The extras are people with tattoos and piercings, colorful hair and old clothes. They dine chicly in their own little world, but with and with the situation escalates, food is brutally taken into the hand and torn, wine is thrown in the neighbor ‘s throat, etc. In the end, the situation turns into a food slaughter, The pose of the last supper of Da Vinci. In Tonight We Dine In Hell is about making your own thing, as we are with our music, even if we end up in hell for that. The song is in no way blasphemous, but the video is deliberately provocative with this theme. Basically it is about: why rules bend, who determines what is worth fighting for?



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